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Your Key to Effortless Access Across Venues.

As a holder of the ESCA Badge, you possess a recognized and trusted form of identification within the exhibition and events community. This badge accelerates your entrance approval to buildings and events and minimizes the administrative process linked with access management. With the ESCA Badge in hand, you can navigate your professional landscape with confidence and ease, backed by a system designed for your convenience and security.

Empowering Venues with Simplified Access Management.

Venues collaborating with the ESCA Badge program experience a seamless, efficient process in managing worker access. The program's web-based system offers instant access to a comprehensive database of verified workers, available round-the-clock for venue management and contractors. Engaging with the ESCA Badge program means investing in heightened security, reduced administrative expenses, and expedited worker entrance approvals, fostering a secure and efficient operational environment for every event.

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Take a look at our security features.

We are continuously enhancing with new features that prove it.

Badge Confirmation

Peace of mind, at a glance: Our visual identification confirmation guarantees current badges and verified businesses.

Quick Tracking

Track your team's every move, with ease: Our daily log and time stamp verification feature keeps you in the know.

Advanced Labour Calls

Revolutionize your workforce management: Say hello to our game-changing Advance Labor Call Technology.

Log History

Effortlessly access your logs, anytime, anywhere: Our 24/7 online maintenance feature keeps your data at your fingertips.

Pre-authorized ID

Simplify access control like never before: Our exclusive 'call list' feature ensures only authorized workers enter, precisely when they're scheduled to.